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Mauzilkree 2 years ago
Favorite parent? I'm closer to my dad now than I ever was, but mom passed away when I was in college. I think things were pretty equal when I had both of them. As an only child, I got to be the automatic favorite. On dad's side maybe grandpa's favorite between me and my two cousins, at least when I was visiting, because I liked learning to cook from him. To Grandma, I was the lowest on the pecking order. Mom's side of the family - way many cousins so I was just adrift in the sea at gatherings there. My two nieces, I was not really involved with in their younger years. More recently, as teens they've made an effort to get to know me with regular Facetiming, not just the occasional drop in when I'm in Cali.
Mezragore 2 years ago
Wear do you dance at in VA,or wv
Faezilkree 2 years ago
Tausho 2 years ago
Lulu Reynolds Penelope Fawn
Akinolkis 2 years ago
You ever had any real white dick in you

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