First legal same sex marriage


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Mazulrajas 2 years ago
Que casal perfeito.parabéns pelo perfil.
Grobar 2 years ago
*after Battle of Winterfell*
Melar 2 years ago
Camera person needs to be trained unless there was 20 min earthquake happening
Kigataxe 2 years ago
Exactly. One of the big fears for divorced parents is to feel like they are "missing" a big moment. In the age of the iPhone and Internet, there are no missed moments. I will say that this only works if the ex has a mature partner. My ex loves the pics and returns the favor, but neither of us has an issue with the other having a partner (Who often took the picture). My husband's ex wife? No way. If she figured out that I took the picture, she'd have a cow. Which is why she gets nothing. She can't even creep on my Facebook page.
Shaktikree 2 years ago
Oh well. I’ll wait for a stronger opinion that is more closer to TRUTH.

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